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We Are The Connection, One of the Wine Companies in Johannesburg! Seeing great wines to success requires more than producing a product of distinction. The intricate process that ensures they reach the glasses of consumers is one requiring strong relationships and years of experience. We are proud to distribute Yethu wines nationwide.

YETHU WINE’s deep understanding of distributing, marketing, and getting the perfect placement of wines on shelves has ensured we have every connection covered – Be it Wine Companies in Johannesburg, nationwide, or exporting to the world. With so many amazing wines to choose from both in South Africa and worldwide, we offer a tailored solution, unique in our ability to source rare wines and special vintages just for you.

Yethu Wines is a trusted wine supplier in Johannesburg. It offers a wide variety of wines from different regions, so you can find the perfect wine for any occasion. Firstly, we thrive in an environment where transparency, respect, and loyalty deliver results. Secondly, we strive to always improve. Lastly, we are a service-orientated business and we will follow through on what has been promised.

We’re always happy to help you choose the right wine for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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